Would you like to welcome more visitors to your stand ?

Perhaps you are just one of many suppliers in a huge commercial exhibition ?

Or you would like to talk to more people on that all important trade fair !

Maybe you promote your product on a festivalsite the size of a small village ?

How do people even find you ???

Photoevents proposes a photo service

that literally drives people towards you !

The idea is simple.

Visitors can mail-share a photograph to our online printserver.
Within minutes a personalized email is being send back with:

  1. A QRcode needed to receive the free photoprint
  2. A personal message, links to promotions or other information.
  3. A map or GPS-coordinates that show the location of the printstand.

In this way people can find you easily enough and will actively search you to get a free quality print of photographs on their smartphone. You could even toss in an extra gadget, free drink or an extra incentive.

One or more hostesses could distribute little cards explaining the FREE photoservice or you could pre-communicate the service in an exhibition booklet or through the online exhibition portal.

You could even have a few extra photographers roaming the site and those pictures would be transferred wirelessly as well for printing.

Most of our software is developed in-house so we can tailor the solution to your needs.

Use the contact form if you like to know more.