In 1997 I launched the first instant photo service and while it took minutes to print a picture, the public loved it. Up to this day I offer this incredible service all over Europe but the volume has skyrocketed to over 1000 images developed on the spot per hour. And, yes, people continue to be amazed by the speed and quality.

A picture from click to print, ready within seconds always evokes emotions and a well made picture will be kept for many years to come and keeps revoking memories of your event.

That is why I only work with professional photographers who are able to catch the moment at the exact right time, click after click.

Although I believe a Shoot&Print is by far the most potent form of marketing, there are other options for you to choose from, like webshoots and fully automated photo solutions.

Of course, Photoevents covers all bases from private, family, wedding to any type of social, industrial, commercial, journalistic, action, nature or even pet photography.

Finally (not really) , if you need a special guest, Photoevents can arrange meet&greets with Bob the Builder©®, Garfield©®, Popeye©®, Bert en Ernie©®, Hopla©®, and many more including the heroes from Cartoon Networks©®